Too Far Gone cd cover


Too Far Gone

A Shrapnel Records release that I believe was a band created by the label to showcase the guitar playing of Craig Small. This cd has some great guitar work and phenomenal drumming. Unfortunately, I doubt you will ever find it. In the fantastic title track and later again in the seventh song, Little Sister, Craig Small's guitar riffs are more complex than many other guitarist's solos and this early work by Ray Luzier showed me more talent than I ever gave him credit for. But one album is all I got. Then Craig and the singer, Peter, disappeared. Ray went on to many other projects, and the bassist went on to join Arcade. Craig, where are you? --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.9

Track Listing

  1. too far gone
  2. live for the moment
  3. gypsy queen
  4. louisianna overload
  5. first of my generation
  6. i'm ready
  7. little sister
  8. wish you still were mine
  9. hands up
  10. 9.0


VOCALS: Peter Marino
GUITAR: Craig Small
BASS: Michael Andrews
DRUMS: Ray Luzier


LABEL: Shrapnel Records
PRODUCED BY: Peter Marino
“Way back at the dawn of time, Adam and Eve did a terrible crime. He followed her down on lovers lane, now I'm payin' for his mistake. Aphrodite and Godiva too, gotta take the blame for what I'm going through. It's never gonna change; only getting worse. Women of the world-- Lord, it's gotta be a curse.”