Up Around the Bend: Super Best cd cover

Hanoi Rocks

Up Around the Bend: Super Best

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Track Listing

  1. Strange Boys Play Weird Openings
  2. Malibu Beach Nightmare
  3. Oriental Beat
  4. Back to Mystery City
  5. Two Steps from the Move
  6. Ice Cream Summer
  7. Underwater World
  8. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  9. Lost in the City
  10. Until I get you
  11. Up around the bend
  12. Don't you ever leave me
  13. Tragedy
  14. Cheyenne
  15. Million Miles Away
  16. Motorvatin (live)
  17. Eleventh Street Kidzz (live)
  18. Under My Wheels (live)


VOCALS: Michael Monroe
GUITAR: Andy McCoy
Nasty Suicide
BASS: Sam Yaffa
DRUMS: Gyp Casino


LABEL: Mercury (Japan)
“You move like fire, you dance like flame, resurrecting my senses again. Never thought it would end like this, the same as the start of it all... ”