Faith Hope Love By King's X cd cover

King's X

Faith Hope Love By King's X

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Track Listing

  1. We Are Finding Who We Are
  2. It's Love
  3. I'll Never Get Tired Of You
  4. Fine Art Of Friendship
  5. Mr. Wilson
  6. Moanjam
  7. Six Broken Soldiers
  8. I Can't Help It
  9. Talk To You
  10. Everywhere I Go
  11. We Were Born To Be Loved
  12. Faith Hope Love
  13. Legal Kill


VOCALS: "Ty Tabor
Doug Pinnick & Jerry Gaskill"
GUITAR: Ty Tabor
BASS: Doug Pinnick
DRUMS: Jerry Gaskill


LABEL: Megaforce/Atlantic
“Well you've got quite a brain, but I've got half a mind, to show you what I want to do to you. With all respect your intellect takes a back seat this time. It's a physical attraction, that turns me on.”