Ten More Tales of Grand Illusion cd cover

Balance of Power

Ten More Tales of Grand Illusion

I finally heard this band about a year after the release of this, their third album and I can tell you some back-tracking will be in order. This is definitely a band to watch. With a tight and technical sound similar to other premiere progressive bands like Dream Theater, their style should definitely earn them some attention among fans of the genre. The piercing vocals of Lance King, well done keyboards, great guitar work and a superb rhythm section, backing him up, Balance of Power should appeal to a wide range of musicians and fans of good musicianship. The songs are well written and the production is major label quality. You should really buy this. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating7.9

Track Listing

  1. Day Breaker
  2. Prisoner of Pride
  3. Savage Tears
  4. Under the Spell
  5. Blind Man
  6. About to Burn
  7. Under the Innocence Wing
  8. Sins of the World
  9. The Darker Side
  10. Ten More Tales of Grand Illusions


VOCALS: Lance King
GUITAR: Pete Southern
Bill Yates
BASS: Chris Dale
DRUMS: Lionel Hicks
GUESTS: James Walsh


LABEL: Nightmare Records
PRODUCED BY: Lionel Hicks
“Tried to do everything I could to save our love. And make you feel good again.”