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Flesh And Blood

Blues For Daze

Flesh & Blood are a veritable AOR supergroup. They were formed by legendary keyboard wizard Mark Mangold (Valhalla, American Tears, Touch, Drive She Said), along with the much travelled guitarist Al Pitrelli (Alice Cooper, Widowmaker, Asia, Savatage), drummer Chuck Bonfante (Saraya) and the previoulsy unknown bassist Mitch DeStafano. Flesh & Blood were completed when former Tyketto singer Danny Vaughn was invited to come on board. Despite their pedigree, Flesh & Blood are not exactly an AOR band. They owe more to the blues and have been compared to the Black Crowes, Bad Company, Humble Pie and Led Zeppelin. The songs vary from strong blues rockers, to AOR tinged ballads, to acoustic blues. Pitrelli's guitars are hard rocking when necessary and slide and acoustics are present whenever required. Mangold soaks the songs with Hammond organ, while Bonfante and DeStafano hold down the solid grooves - Vaughn's distinctive vocals are as soulfull and powerful as ever.

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.5

Track Listing

  1. Feel The Power
  2. Shake Ya Tail Feather
  3. Bed Of Roses
  4. Boogie Chile
  5. Riverside
  6. Jenny Doesn't Live
  7. I Know Where You Been
  8. Voodoo Moon
  9. Blues For Daze (Mr. Blue)
  10. Man Enough
  11. Sweet Sister Rose
  12. Judgement Day


VOCALS: Danny Vaughn
GUITAR: Al Pitrelli
BASS: Mitch de Stefano
DRUMS: Chuck Bonfante
KEYBOARDS: Mark Mangold


LABEL: Now & Then Records
PRODUCED BY: Mark Mangold
“I believe in love, the only way I know, if there's a reason then I don't know, but I believe in love, I believe in love.”