Tangled In Dream cd cover

Vanishing Point

Tangled In Dream

This was one of my most pleasant surprises of the year. I had never heard of Vanishing Point when I got this CD in the mail, but Iíll be doing some digging now. All of Dream Theaterís fans should pay close attention to these guys. With an awesome range between heavy metal and some really soft and sensitive ballads, Vanishing Point does it all, and they do it well. The music is almost clinical in itís precision, balanced perfectly by the passionate haunting vocals of Silvio Massaro whose singing is about an octave lower than most singers of this genre giving the band an unmistakably unique sound and defining their style. Dream Theater fans, buy this! --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.5

Track Listing

  1. Surreal
  2. Samsara
  3. Closer Apart
  4. Bring on the Rain
  5. Never Walk Away
  6. The Real You
  7. Two Minds One Soul
  8. I Will Awake
  9. Dancing with the Devil
  10. Father (7 Years)
  11. Tangled In Dream
  12. * On the Turning Away


VOCALS: Silvio Massaro
GUITAR: Chris Porcianko
Tom Vucur
BASS: Joe Del Mastro
DRUMS: Jack Lukic
KEYBOARDS: Danny Olding


LABEL: Limb Music
PRODUCED BY: Vanishing Point
“In this world full of science and technology Scary things are bound to go wrong”