Stranger from the Past cd cover

Eisley, David Glen

Stranger from the Past

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Track Listing

  1. (The Return)
  2. Stranger from the Past
  3. Canít Call it Love
  4. Run, Run, Run
  5. Sing Brother
  6. Donít Turn Away
  7. Who You Tryiní to Fool
  8. Stranger in Love
  9. Canít Wait Forever
  10. When itís Over
  11. Olivia
  12. Waiting on Heaven
  13. (Departure)


VOCALS: David Glen Eisley
GUITAR: David Glen Eisley
BASS: David Glen Eisley
KEYBOARDS: David Glen Eisley
GUESTS: Craig Goldy
Stephan Ellis
Ricky Phillips
Chuck Wright
Ron Wikso
Pat Regan


LABEL: Frontiers Records
PRODUCED BY: David Glen Eisley
“Take the children; march them off to war. Only numbered, to count up the final score. Lay in waiting, for the end to come and their only chance is loaded in their gunsÖ”