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The Early Years DISC 1

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Track Listing

  1. Land of There Choice
  2. Call of the Wild
  3. Riding with Sue
  4. Marlboro Man
  5. Counting the Cattle
  6. Jackie O
  7. Trucker
  8. Rock River
  9. Jonnie
  10. Son of a Gun
  11. It's After Dark
  12. Isn't that Wild
  13. A Horse with No Name
  14. Mighty Highty High
  15. I Won't Cut My Hair
  16. Black Crickets
  17. There's a Ship
  18. God's Favorite
  19. 10 Knots
  20. Ride My Train
  21. Rather Live than Die


VOCALS: Jesper Binzer
GUITAR: Jacob Binzer
Jesper Binzer
BASS: Stig Pederson
DRUMS: Peter Lundholm
KEYBOARDS: Jacob Binzer


LABEL: Mega/Edel
PRODUCED BY: Frank Marstokk
“If I could only stand and look in the mirror, would I see one fallen hero with a face like me? And if I scream, would anybody hear me? If I smash the silence, you'll see what fame has done to me…”