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The Early Years DISC 2

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Track Listing

  1. Up Up Over the Mountain Top
  2. Marlboro Man
  3. Never Never (Indian Love)
  4. Ride My Train 2000
  5. It's After Dark (video version)
  6. Trucker 2000 (radio edit)
  7. Trucker 2000 (club version)
  8. Trucker 87 (NY remix)
  9. Trucker 87 (Jab Dub)
  10. There's a Ship 87 (megamix)
  11. Rin Tin Tin (demo)
  12. It's a Sad, Sad X-Mas
  13. The Party (radio jingle)
  14. From Us to You (radio jingle)
  15. Fireworks (radio jingle)
  16. Land of Ther Choice (live)
  17. Whopper End interview
  18. Various Video tracks included


VOCALS: Jesper Binzer
GUITAR: Jacob Binzer
Jesper Binzer
BASS: Stig Pederson
DRUMS: Peter Lundholm
KEYBOARDS: Jacob Binzer


LABEL: Mega/Edel
PRODUCED BY: Frank Marstokk
“Someone write me a letter. I need to know that I'm still alive. Someone give me a telephone call, I need to hear a human sound. Someone open up a door and let me out of this place. I've been caged up for oh so long I don't know if I'm living or dying.”