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Mr. Big

Mr. Big

Is there anything that Eric Martin and Paul Gilbert touch that sucks? Gilbert goes from one supergroup to this and shines like a halogen headlight. Martin goes from nearly joining Van Halen after Dave left to give this band a soulful touch to these high powered 12 bar blues hard rock gems. If you don't have this, find it. --johnk5150

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.4

Track Listing

  1. addicted to that rush
  2. wind me up
  3. merciless
  4. had enough
  5. blame it on my youth
  6. take a walk
  7. big love
  8. how can you do what you do
  9. anything for you
  10. rock & roll over
  11. 30 days in the hole


VOCALS: Eric Martin
GUITAR: Paul Gilbert
BASS: Billy Sheehan
DRUMS: Pat Torpey


LABEL: Atlantic
PRODUCED BY: Kevin Elson
“Gave her a diamond ring, now I want it back. Besides she sucked in the sack.”