Man in the Moon cd cover

L.A. Guns

Man in the Moon

The days of the slickly produced hard rock albums may be behind us, but I think that suits L.A. Guns best. Raw hard rawk is what they always did best. Tracii really wails on this album even if it doesn't come close to being their loudest or fastest. A great collection of ten songs that would all seem to over really well live. --johnk5150

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.3

Track Listing

  1. Man in the Moon
  2. Beautiful
  3. Good Thing
  4. Spider's Web
  5. Don't Call Me Crazy
  6. Hypnotized
  7. Fast Talkin' Dreamer Dealer
  8. Out of Sight
  9. Turn it Around
  10. Scream


VOCALS: Phil Lewis
GUITAR: Tracii Guns
Mick Cripps
BASS: Muddy
DRUMS: Steve Riley


LABEL: Spitfire
PRODUCED BY: Gilby Clark
“Tried to go to sleep last night, but too many things were in my head. Then the sun began to rise, still I haven't gone to bed...”