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Danger Kitty

Love Rocket

The most famous fictional Glam band of all time, Danger Kitty's hit song "Love Rocket" is known all over the country thanks to it's national exposure in the Discover commercials. No, they weren't a real band, but if you want to see the spoof continued you can see more made up information at There is even a link to a form that allows you to send away for a free Danger Kitty cd, but I can't verify if it's real or not. --Scott

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Track Listing

  1. Venom in my Veins
  2. Love Rocket
  3. Bang on the Walls of Rock


VOCALS: Michael Diamond
GUITAR: Rikki Ratchet
BASS: Ginger Roxx
DRUMS: Blackhead


LABEL: Bouffant Records
PRODUCED BY: Eduardo Navas
“I'm tired of people doing it wrong, I'm tired of little things taking too long, I've got to get control of the game, one thing's for sure, things will not stay the same”