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The Best Of Vols. I & 2 Disc 1

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Track Listing

  1. Devil's Answer (Live)
  2. Play It Again
  3. End Of The Day
  4. Tomorrow Night
  5. Lost In Space
  6. Loose Your Mind
  7. Control Of You
  8. Oh She, Oh She's My Woman
  9. Death Walks Behind You
  10. Sleeping For Years
  11. Can't Take No More


VOCALS: Vicent Crane
GUITAR: John Cann
BASS: Nick Graham
DRUMS: Carl Palmer
KEYBOARDS: Vincent Crane (Organ)


LABEL: Saraja
PRODUCED BY: John Cann/ Jean Cheesman
“You can run and hide, wait for better times until the dark clouds pass by and you hear no more cries. You can tell more lies, pretend that no one dies and just think happy thoughts. Close your eyes and wish for a miracle...”