Drugs, God and the New Republic cd cover

Warrior Soul

Drugs, God and the New Republic

Much better production than their previous work, and great songwritting as well with lyrics in the same content of social awareness. The rhythm section is a new one and a more efficient one with bassist Pete McClanahan´s everflowing basslines, adding texture and complementing John Ricco´s Psychedelical guitar riffs, melodies and solos, backing up Mark Evan´s Thunderous drumming, and last but not least,Korey Clark´s vocals with great counter melodies in another intense musical journey. A Kick ass version of Joy Division´s "Interzone", and classics such as the title track, "Hero", "Wasteland", "Rocket 88", among others. A milestone. --Joaquim Lago

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.2

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Ineterzone
  3. Drugs, God and the New Republic
  4. The Answer
  5. Rocket 88
  6. Jump For Joy
  7. My Time
  8. Real Thing
  9. Man Must Live As One
  10. Hero
  11. The Wasteland
  12. Children of the Winter


VOCALS: Kory Clarke
GUITAR: John Ricco
BASS: Pete McClanahan
DRUMS: Mark Evans


LABEL: BMI / Dead Government Music
PRODUCED BY: Geoff Workman
“But girl these open arms are getting tired, pretty soon I'm gonna walk away…”