Deffest and Baddest cd cover

Wendy O. Williams

Deffest and Baddest

The last album ever recorded by Wendy O. Williams is not a serious affair at all. After the heavy duty political proselytizing of her work with The Plasmatics, as well as her solo work, this was the last thing anyone would have expected. Originally, the album was to be credited to the fictional rap group "Ultrafly and the Hometown Girls," with Wendy's name left off it, but the distributor wouldn't back it without Wendy's name. On this disc, Wendy slams hair bands, creates interesting sexual scenarios between Jerry Falwell and Jessica Hahn, and Humpty Dumpty and Mary ("...had a little lamb"), tells the story of a rock star with a penis so large it frightens his audience when he gets excited, and oh yeah, becomes the first person to fuse rap and speed metal. Basically, the album is just fun. It's Wendy and two of her girlfriends talking dirty. Sadly, Wendy quit the industry shortly after this album and then, in 1998, committed suicide. --Anonymous

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Track Listing

  1. Rulers of Rock
  2. $10,000,000 Winner
  3. Super Jock Guy
  4. Early Days
  5. The Humpty Song
  6. Know W'am Say'n
  7. On the IRT
  8. La La Land
  9. Lies
  10. Laffin' 'n' Scratchin'


VOCALS: Wendy O. Williams
GUITAR: Wes Beech
Katrina Astin
GUESTS: La Donna Sullivan


LABEL: W.O.W./Profile
PRODUCED BY: Rod Swenson and Wes Beech
“i feel guilty about being alive. i've been hiding in the basement of my mind.”