Long Way From Love <font size=1>DISC 1</font> cd cover

Free, Mark

Long Way From Love DISC 1

Mark Free arguably has one of the best voices in the AOR/Hard Rock genre. His list of bands includes King Kobra, Unruly Child, Signal, and now this excellent '93 release chock full of AOR fist pumping anthems and ballads. Excellent album along the vein of a hard Journey or Survivor. --Anonymous

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.5

Track Listing

  1. Someday You'll Come Running
  2. Stranger Among Us
  3. Coming Back For More
  4. The Last Time
  5. Hard Heart to Break
  6. High Life
  7. State pf Love
  8. Slow Down the Night
  9. Look Love In The Eyes
  10. Never Be a Next Time
  11. Long Way From Love


VOCALS: Mark Free
GUITAR: Paul Lewolt
BASS: Paul Lewolt
DRUMS: Tomie Reeves
KEYBOARDS: Tomie Reeves


LABEL: Frontiers
PRODUCED BY: Uncredited
“My hair's too long, my dreams are wrong, well damn you all my heart is strong! For those who care to understand, see me, hear me, as I am!”