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Hollowed Be Thy Name

Hollowed Be Thy Name is a great album of rich textures and melodies. Itís more mature than their last two cds. Having toned down their lyrics to a more subtle subject matter as opposed to their previously attempted obvious, over the top epic sci-fi story arcs, I think this one will be more accessible to the casual listener. Of course the sound is still big though. Guitar riff driven songs, with great guitar solos and double bass drums flowing under Dirks voiceÖ The highlights of this cd remain the trademark strengths of the band: Great vocal melodies over intricate guitar riffs and a really tight rhythm section. That is a phenomenal combination. It takes good songs and talented musicians and this band has both. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.5

Track Listing

  1. Hollowed Be Thy Name
  2. The Speed of Life
  3. (In the Land of) Wind and Rain
  4. House of Fire
  5. Ghost Town
  6. How the Gypsy Was Born
  7. All Above the Atmosphere
  8. Lord of Madness
  9. a.d.c.o.e.
  10. Way of the World


VOCALS: Klaus Dirks
GUITAR: Oliver Fuhlhage
Matthias Mineur
BASS: Thorsten Plorin
DRUMS: Arved Mannott
KEYBOARDS: Sascha Onnen
GUESTS: Roland Grapow
Peavy Wagner


LABEL: SPV / Steamhammer
“I control an awkward soul And my lines are automatic, automatically drawn. Realizing a multiverse in just one thing. And then I'm automatic, automatically gone. ”