Bleed American cd cover

Jimmy Eat World

Bleed American

Jimmy Eat World. That is possibly the worst band name ever. And with a lame cover and the horrible live performance I saw these guys (with NO image) give on some late night show, I was convinced this was a crap band. In fact I never would have given them another thought if I hadnít heard them again later without knowing who it was. The song Sweetness just rocks. It stuck in my head for like a week until somebody loaned me the disc and I found out there were quite a few other surprises on there too. They arenít metal, but if you like good hard rock with catchy hooks and sort of an 80ís pop sensibility, I have to recommend this disc. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.2

Track Listing

  1. Bleed American
  2. A Praise Chorus
  3. The Middle
  4. Your House
  5. Sweetness
  6. * Hear You Me
  7. If You Don't, Don't
  8. Get It Faster
  9. * Cautioners
  10. The Authority Song
  11. My Sundown


VOCALS: Jim Adkins
GUITAR: Tom Linton
Jim Adkins
BASS: Rick Burch
DRUMS: Zach Lind
GUESTS: * Rachel Haden
Ariel Rechtshaid


LABEL: Grand Royal / DreamWorks
PRODUCED BY: Mark Trombino
“I've got fire and lightning flowing through the inside of my veins; It's a long way up when my heart keeps burning, and I can't stop the flames.”