Beyond Daylight cd cover

Vanden Plas

Beyond Daylight

Vanden Plas have never made a bad album and nothings changed with Beyond Daylight. This is probably their easiest album to listen to, because its their most melodic. Theres even a cover of Kansas's Point of no return. For fans of Dream Theater and Prog Metal, this album is essential.

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.0

Track Listing

  1. Nightwalker
  2. Cold wind
  3. Scarlet Flower Fields
  4. Healing Tree
  5. End of All Days
  6. Free The Fire
  7. Can You Hear Me
  8. Phoenix
  9. Beyond Daylight
  10. Point Of No Return


VOCALS: Andy Kuntz
GUITAR: Stephan Lil
BASS: Torsten Reichert
DRUMS: Andreas Lil
KEYBOARDS: Gunter Werno


LABEL: SPV /Inside Out
PRODUCED BY: Vanden Plas
“New York City, about a quarter to five, she gets up and she leaves the room. She hits the subway and she risks her life and dresses up in cheap perfume...”