Hanging In The Balance <font size=1>LTD. EDITION</font> cd cover

Metal Church

Hanging In The Balance LTD. EDITION

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Track Listing

  1. Gods Of Second Chance
  2. Losers In The Game
  3. Hypnotized
  4. No Friend Of Mine
  5. Waiting For A Savior
  6. Conductor
  7. Little Boy
  8. Down To The River
  9. End Of The Age
  10. Lovers And Madmen
  11. A Subtle War
  12. Start The Fire (live)
  13. Fake Healer (live)
  14. Losers In The Game (live)


VOCALS: Mike Howe
GUITAR: John Marshall
Craig Wells
BASS: Duke Erickson
DRUMS: Kirk Arrington


LABEL: Blackheart Records
“When the rain comes falling down and you're lonely as the night grows colder, don't worry 'cuz I'll be there for you. When your dreams seem far away, take a moment to look over your shoulder, 'cuz honey you know I'm desperate too.”