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Brian McDonald Group

Desperate Business

Huge hooks. Bigger choruses. Enormous harmonies. All solos played by a young Reb Beach before he joined Winger. This was a high class prototypical arena rock. Unfortunately it fell way below the public's radar, in a time when there were a lot of similar bands. --johnk5150

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Track Listing

  1. No Control
  2. These Are The Good Times
  3. This Lonely Heart
  4. Life Is A Desperate Business
  5. Back Home Again
  6. Rockin' With The Boys
  7. Just Imagination
  8. Stay With Me
  9. Everynight
  10. Highway Desire


VOCALS: Brian McDonald
GUITAR: Will Hodges
Reb Beach
BASS: Andrew G. Wilkins
DRUMS: D. W. Adams
KEYBOARDS: Brian McDonald


LABEL: Rewind/Sony
PRODUCED BY: Brian McDonald
“And I hate you for doing this, and I hate you for saying that. I never did enough to ever please you. Never did enough to ever cease to affect me the way it does ...”