Heathen Machine cd cover

Balance of Power

Heathen Machine

Balance of Power have managed to find the middle ground between Operation Mindcrime and Empire that all Queensryche fans have been thirsting for - the middle ground Queensryche has still yet to find themselves. Before this CD they were a highly technical band comprising of 6 members, very similar to Dream Theater in the style of the song writing, instrumentation and production. The songs were long and the musicianship for the ears of geniuses. Heathen Machine is the first CD after the most recent change in vocals. John K, from Biochemical, joined the band bringing vocals hauntingly similar to those of Geoff Tate. I could go on and on about this disc, but the only way to get it is to listen to it.

Average Rathole Visitor Rating10.0

Track Listing

  1. The Rising
  2. Heathen Machine
  3. I Wish You Were Here
  4. Chemical Imbalance
  5. No Place Like Home
  6. The Eyes of All the World
  7. Just Before You Leave
  8. Wake Up Call
  9. Necessary Evil


GUITAR: Pete Southern
BASS: Tony Ritchie
DRUMS: Lionel Hicks
GUESTS: Leon Dawson (Keyboards)


LABEL: 2004 DCA Recordings
2003 Liquid Noise
PRODUCED BY: Lionel Hicks
“We held each other tight. We ran away into the night. Oh baby you were so afraid...”