Taste of Heaven cd cover


Taste of Heaven

About as close to the mainstream Eyes era that you'll find with Soto on vocals. Much more commercially accessible than his work with Talisman (although that can be commercial), every song oozes with class and sing-along-ability. Listen to his emotion on 'Lonely Shade Of Blue' and tell me you've heard a better vocal performance. Soto may be the best singer of our generation. --johnk5150

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.8

Track Listing

  1. when darkness falls
  2. days of dawn
  3. your love
  4. december
  5. last mistake
  6. taste of heaven
  7. sacred pleasure
  8. 2 late
  9. save me
  10. lonely shade of blue
  11. your love - acoustic
  12. restless hearts - acoustic


VOCALS: Jeff Scott Soto
GUITAR: Neal M. Grusky
BASS: Carl DeMarco
DRUMS: Robert Duda


LABEL: Long Island Records
PRODUCED BY: Jeff Scott Soto
“A fire in the field, smoking out the sun, minions throw their chains on everyone. Caught in by the crossfire, sky is turning red, adding up his souls as we count our dead...”