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There was a lot of speculation about the future of this band when news of Jorn's quitting leaked out last year, because despite some of the other famous names in the group, many believed it was the singing that really made Masterplan work. To fill the vacancy, Grapow tapped one of the most underrated talents in the business -- former Riot singer Mike DiMeo. It was a brilliant choice. I'm happy to report that on MK2, Masterplan has not missed a beat. And what's even more impressive is they didn't miss Jorn. Not to take anything away from Lande -- the guy is a phenomenal talent and I will continue to follow his solo career and other projects, but to be clear, DiMeo is NOT a step down. Showing power, range and enthusiasm beyond anything he displayed even in his impressive tenure with Riot, Mike has fully stepped up and met the challenge. Furthermore, this is a stronger group of songs with more memorable melodies than Aeronautics offered. All in all, despite losing one of the best singers of the genre, I'd say they recovered quite nicely, and the future looks bright indeed for Masterplan. Get this one. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.1

Track Listing

  1. Phoenix Rising
  2. Warrior's Cry
  3. Lost and Gone
  4. Keeps Me Burning
  5. Take Me Over
  6. I'm Gonna Win
  7. Watching the World
  8. Call the Gypsy
  9. Trust in You
  10. Masterplan
  11. Enemy
  12. Heart of Darkness


VOCALS: Mike DiMeo
GUITAR: Roland Grapow
BASS: Jan Eckert
DRUMS: Mike Terrana
KEYBOARDS: Axel Mackenrott


LABEL: Candlelight
PRODUCED BY: Roland Grapow
“I wanna dance in your fire. I guess I'll never learn. Whenever I dance in your fire I always end up getting burned.”