Gathering of the Faithful cd cover

Shark Island

Gathering of the Faithful

The band has mellowed, but the song quality is still consistent with Gathering of the Faithful. Gone are any songs about T&A that peppered Law, but fans won't mind as it still rocks consistently. Richard Black sounds really good on a lot of this fifteen years after their debut. johnk5150

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.0

Track Listing

  1. Blue Skies
  2. Tomorrow's Child
  3. The Stranger
  4. Go West
  5. Welcome Goodbye
  6. Life Goes On
  7. Down To The Ground
  8. Looking For The Sun
  9. Heaven
  10. I Had A Dream
  11. Will To Power
  12. Need Your Love
  13. Tempation


VOCALS: Richard Black
GUITAR: Spencer Sercombe
BASS: Christian Heilmann
DRUMS: Glen Sobel
KEYBOARDS: Spencer Sercombe


LABEL: Frontiers
PRODUCED BY: Shark Island
“We sleep at day, we feed at night, we catch the flight, we taste the wine and life's a scream and love's a bite.”