Livin' It Up cd cover

Hagar, Sammy

Livin' It Up

This one was a shocker. After getting over that it sounded nothing like Sammy's previous hard rock work, it grew on me. His goal was to create a vacation soundtrack and he did a great job. It's laid back with hints of country twang and most of all it's a fun record. His version of I Love This Bar is actually really good. johnk5150

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.5

Track Listing

  1. Sam I Am
  2. Living On a Coastline
  3. Mexico
  4. The Way We Live
  5. I Love This Bar
  6. ONe Sip
  7. Rainy Day Woman #12/#35
  8. Halfway To Memphis
  9. Sailin'
  10. Let Me Take You There
  11. Some Day


VOCALS: Sammy Hagar
GUITAR: Vic Johnson
Sammy Hagar
BASS: Mona
DRUMS: Dave Lauser


LABEL: Rhino
PRODUCED BY: The Waboritas
“You'll never see the tears I cry. You'll never feel my heart of pain. You'll never know the reasons why I'll never fall in love again.”