Open Minds cd cover


Open Minds

Nick Workman for Kick can sing any style effortlessly. His work with Vince O'Reagan (Bob Catley's personal guitarist) is harder edged AOR with a bite. Tracks like Love/Hate and All Fall Down ooze with attitude and are totally in your face. There's a noticable lack of backing vocals, but the songs are excellent and would probably translate well to a live setting if people would support these bands.

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.5

Track Listing

  1. Close Your Eyes
  2. Love/Hate
  3. Fools Parad
  4. Incomplet
  5. Chase The Sun
  6. Heads Up
  7. Coming Back For More
  8. How Far You Are
  9. All Fall Down
  10. On a Day Like Today
  11. Erase And Rewind


VOCALS: Nick Workman
GUITAR: Vince O'Reagan
BASS: Al Mills
DRUMS: Paul Rodgers
KEYBOARDS: James Screaton


LABEL: Majestic Rock
PRODUCED BY: Vince O'Reagan
“Live until it hurts Wanna feel it Fight for all it's worth Take on the world because it's mine all mine I ain't gonna sit and waste my time”