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Coney Hatch

Best of Three

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Track Listing

  1. Devil's Deck
  2. You Ain't Got Me
  3. Stand Up
  4. Hey Operator
  5. Monkey Bars
  6. Where I Draw the Line
  7. Don't Say Make Me
  8. Shake It
  9. First Time for Everything
  10. Some Like It Hot
  11. To Feel the Feeling Again
  12. This Ain't Love
  13. Wrong Side of Town
  14. Girl From Last Night's Dream
  15. Fantasy
  16. He's A Champion
  17. Fuel for the Fire


VOCALS: Carl Dixon
Andy Curran
GUITAR: Carl Dixon
Steve Shelski
BASS: Andy Curran
DRUMS: Dave Ketchum
Barry Connor


LABEL: Anthem
PRODUCED BY: Kim Mitchell
Max Norman
“Stickin' everybody when you want to, slash 'em when their back is turned. Stickin' in your nose where it don't go, ooh, you're gonna have to learn...”