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In The Heart Of The Young

This immensely successful follow-up to their self-titled debut, cemented the band as one of the premier acts of the genre. With even bigger production and a slicker sound, this cd was criticized by some as being over-polished, but the strength of the songwriting was still there. The ballads remained painfully poignant and the singles still drew a huge roar from the crowds at the live shows, but I was still drawn to some of the more obscure songs on this release, like In the Day Weíll Never See and the albumís title track. I could have lived without the trumpets in Easy Come Easy Go or Kipís rapping in You Are the Saint, but despite that, this is still a fantastic cd. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.8

Track Listing

  1. Can't Get Enuff
  2. Loosen Up
  3. Miles Away
  4. Easy Come Easy Go
  5. Rainbow In The Rose
  6. In The Day We'll Never See
  7. Under One Condition
  8. Little Dirty Blonde
  9. Baptized By Fire
  10. You Are The Saint I Am The Sinner
  11. In The Heart Of The Young


VOCALS: Kip Winger
GUITAR: Reb Beach
Paul Taylor
BASS: Kip Winger
DRUMS: Rod Morgenstein
KEYBOARDS: Paul Taylor


LABEL: Atlantic Records
“My hair's too long, my dreams are wrong, well damn you all my heart is strong! For those who care to understand, see me, hear me, as I am!”