Freak Show cd cover

Bullet Boys

Freak Show

The sophomore effort from the Bullet Boys took them (as it did many bands of that time period) in a blues-ier direction. The sound was more raw and the vocals more shrill. Everything about this record was more out of control than their debut, but most of the time it seems to work for them. The pace is hard and fast and only calms down once for the dark and moody Hang on St. Christopher. If you enjoy bluesy metal like Tora Tora or Sweet F.A., then you would probably enjoy this disc.

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.1

Track Listing

  1. hell yeah!
  2. thc groove
  3. thrill that kills
  4. hang on st. christopher
  5. talk to your daughter
  6. freakshow
  7. good girl
  8. do me raw
  9. ripping me
  10. say your prayers
  11. o me o my
  12. huge


VOCALS: Marq Torien
GUITAR: Mick Sweda
BASS: Lonnie Vencent
DRUMS: Jimmy D'Anda


LABEL: Warner Bros. Records
PRODUCED BY: Ted Templeman
“Someone that he used to be. Part of her is a mystery. Spinning around in an empty place. Lie to themselves til they're blind with rage.”