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With the exception of Ann Wilson from Heart, Sandi Saraya is the best female singer in Rock. This was the first time I heard a woman doing a metal album and didn't think, "you know, this would be better with a guy singing." And it's not just "Well, she's not bad for a female." She's just plain good. She has a slightly scratchy voice and her range and power are just fantastic. The production is clean and tight and the songs are great. Most memorable were the rocking Fire to Burn and the ballad St. Christopher's Medal, but all of the midtempo songs in the middle hold their own too. Out of print and hard to find, but if you see it grab it. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.3

Track Listing

  1. Love has Taken it's Toll
  2. Healing Touch
  3. Get U Ready
  4. Gypsy Child
  5. One Night Away
  6. Alsace Lorraine
  7. Runnin' Out of Time
  8. Back to the Bullet
  9. Fire to Burn
  10. St. Christopher's Medal
  11. Drop the Bomb


VOCALS: Sandi Saraya
GUITAR: Tony Rey
BASS: Gary Taylor
DRUMS: Chuck Bonfante


LABEL: PolyGram
PRODUCED BY: Jeff Glixman
“Too many slaves in this world, die by torture and pain. Too many people do not see, they're killing themselves - going insane.”