On The Blue Side cd cover

Meniketti, Dave

On The Blue Side

The former lead singer and guitarist for the classic metal band Y&T has released a blistering album of blues. If the word "blues" makes you think of sad, depressing music... Forget it! This cd has something for everyone. Dave has a great voice and the guitar playing is simply amazing. Besides doing 3 cover songs the rest are all Meniketti originals including 3 instrumentals. Simply put, Dave is one talented musician, and has outdone himself with this release. Don't pass this one up!
-- Dan Pate

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.7

Track Listing

  1. Man's World
  2. Angel On My Shoulder
  3. Baby Blues
  4. Take It Like A Man
  5. Mister Blister
  6. Can't Do Nothin' Right
  7. Say Goodbye
  8. Bad Feeling
  9. Parchman Farm
  10. Just Coastin'
  11. Loan Me A Dime
  12. Until The Next Time


VOCALS: Dave Meniketti
GUITAR: Dave Meniketti
BASS: Myron Dove
DRUMS: Jimmy DeGrasso
Ron Wikso
KEYBOARDS: Joe Heinemann
John Seppala
Mark Stanford


LABEL: Bareknuckle
Avex Inc.
PRODUCED BY: Dave Meniketti
“We've just gotta stop meeting this way. We've just gotta stop meeting at all. We can't go on living this lie. Loving you is wrong, so now we'll say goodbye.”