Too Hot To Handle: The Best Of cd cover


Too Hot To Handle: The Best Of

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Track Listing

  1. Only You Can Rock Me (Live)
  2. Too Hot To Handle
  3. Long Gone
  4. Profession Of Violence
  5. We Belong To The Night (Live)
  6. Let It Rain (Live)
  7. Lonely Heart
  8. This Time
  9. Lettin' Go
  10. Lights Out (Live)
  11. Natural Thing
  12. Blinded By A Lie
  13. Wreckless
  14. When It's Time To Rock
  15. Shoot Shoot
  16. Yong Blood
  17. Let It Roll
  18. Doctor Doctor (Live)


VOCALS: Phil Mogg
GUITAR: Micheal Schenker
Paul Raymond
Paul Chapman
BASS: Pete Way
Paul Gray
DRUMS: Andy Parker
KEYBOARDS: Paul Raymond
GUESTS: Billy Sheehan


LABEL: Music Club
PRODUCED BY: Mark Crampton
“Taste of blood, tears of pain. Memories from the past strike through my mind. My royal blood, begins to boil. Deadly wounds can't stop me now, I still stand strong. I just can't die!!!”