Savage Land cd cover

Mob Rules

Savage Land

Power metal, progressive or just plain metal; call it what you will, Mob Rules is a fantastic band. Their debut album Savage Land is an amazing effort from a young group that I hope to hear a lot more from. Pulling influences from early Queensryche, Fateís Warning and Iron Maiden they have crafted as pure of a metal album as anyone in the last decade. The songs are well written, well produced and well played. I have no complaints to offer up for this album aside from their tired, post-apocalyptic story idea, but itís very subtle so they even managed to pull that off without sounding cheesy. I highly recommend this cd. Iím eagerly looking forward to their next one in 2000.--Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.5

Track Listing

  1. Prologue
  2. Insurgeria
  3. Rain Song
  4. Hold Back The Light
  5. Secret Signs
  6. Savage Land Part 1
    (Strangers In Time)
  7. Savage Land Part 2
  8. Savage Land Part 3
    (No Reason Why)
  9. Coast To Coast
  10. Blaze Of First Warning
  11. Pray For Sunlight
  12. Down In Nowhere Land
  13. End Of All Days


VOCALS: Klaus Dirks
GUITAR: Oliver Fuhlhage
Matthias Mineur
BASS: Thorsten Plorin
DRUMS: Arved Mannott


LABEL: Limb Music
PRODUCED BY: Mob Rules & The Redhead Team
“Fading light, broken hearts, I left them all behind. Turned to stone, I chose to roam the wild world.”