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Sven Gali

Sven Gali

Originally released in 1991, but reissued by Axe Killer in 1999. This band of professional studio musicians, tired of life behind the curtain, took a stab at center stage and proved that they deserved to be there. You can't talk about Sven Gali without mentioning the obvious comparison to Skid Row. While not as polished as Bach's delivery, vocalist David Wanless' singing style is undeniably similar to Sebastian's. And the songs on this cd could have been out takes from Skid Row's self-titled release. A couple years earlier, and these guys might have been huge. Now we'll never know, but they left us one hell of an album to remember them by and I strongly suggest you take it. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.7

Track Listing

  1. Under the Influence
  2. Tie Dyed Skies
  3. Sweet Little Gypsy
  4. In My Garden
  5. Freakz
  6. Love Don't Live Anymore
  7. Stiff Competition
  8. Real Thing
  9. Whisper in the Rain
  10. 25 Hours a Day
  11. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
  12. Disgusteen


VOCALS: David Wanless
GUITAR: Dee Cernile
Andy Frank
BASS: Shawn Maher
DRUMS: Gregg Gerson


LABEL: Axe Killer Records
PRODUCED BY: David Bendeth
“Now I pause to let my silence scream tonight. While you roam like a serpent satellite. ”