Hooked plus Live in New York (2 CD) cd cover

Great White

Hooked plus Live in New York (2 CD)

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Track Listing

  1. Call it Rock N'Roll
  2. The Original Queen of Sheba
  3. Cold Hearted Lovin'
  4. Can't Shake it
  5. Lovin' Kind
  6. Heartbreaker
  7. Congo Square
  8. South Bay Cities
  9. Desert Moon
  10. Afterglow
  11. Intro (Live)
  12. Train to Nowhere (Live)
  13. Cold Hearted Lovin' (Live)
  14. The Hunter (Live)
  15. Desert Moon (Live)
  16. Band Intro's (Live)
  17. Weak Brain and Narrow Mind (Live)
  18. Rock Me (Live)
  19. Down at the Doctor (Live)
  20. Can't Shake It (Live)
  21. Once Bitten Twice Shy (Live)


VOCALS: Jack Russell
GUITAR: Mark Kendall
Michael Lardie
BASS: Tony Montana
DRUMS: Audie Desbrow


LABEL: Capitol (Japan)
“Gotta give it all you got babe. Gotta reach for the skies. Just keep doing it your own way little runaway.”