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Because They Can

Apparently the reason for the delay between 'After The Rain' and this release was Geffen hated the much heavier tapes that Nelson submitted to them originally. Dejected, Nelson went back into the studio and came back with 13 pretty laid back adult contemporary songs that oozed sap. Beneath the fluff, you can still hear the foundation for what made them popular. Worth it for 'Won't Walk Away'. --johnk5150

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.8

Track Listing

  1. You Got Me All Shook Up
  2. The Great Escape
  3. Five O'Clock Plane
  4. Cross My Broken Heart
  5. Peace on Earth
  6. Remi
  7. Won't Walk Away
  8. Only A Moment Away
  9. Joshua is With Me Now
  10. Love Me Today
  11. Be Still
  12. Right Before Your Eyes
  13. Nobody Wins in the End


VOCALS: Matthew & Gunnar Nelson
GUITAR: Gunnar Nelson
Joey Cathcart
BASS: Matthew Nelson
DRUMS: Mike Baird
KEYBOARDS: Paul Mirkovich


LABEL: Geffen
“Before the storm, hold back the light and silence loses ground. When lightning burns the open sky we need a shelter from yellow rain.”