Out of the Darkness - Into the Light (1987-1989) cd cover

Lillian Axe

Out of the Darkness - Into the Light (1987-1989)

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Track Listing

  1. show a little love
  2. misery loves company
  3. she likes it on top
  4. nobody knows
  5. all's fair in love and war
  6. waiting in the dark
  7. dream of a lifetime
  8. the world stopped turning
  9. hard luck
  10. ghost of winter
  11. my number


VOCALS: Ron Taylor
GUITAR: Stevie Blaze
Jon Ster
BASS: Rob Stratton
DRUMS: Danny King


LABEL: IRS Records
PRODUCED BY: Robin Crosby
“Well you've got quite a brain, but I've got half a mind, to show you what I want to do to you. With all respect your intellect takes a back seat this time. It's a physical attraction, that turns me on.”