Backlash cd cover

Bad English


Much like their debut, you can put a band in leather, but you canít necessarily put the leather in the band. John Waite is a great singer and Neal Schon is a great guitarist, but they still canít quite break away from their pop sensibilities and so itís rarely the rock record they claimed it was going to be. There are some great guitar riffs and melodies, but the keyboards make sure it never gets too hard. A couple songs on here like Pray for Rain and Straight to Your Heart come close though. And of course there are some good ballads and the production is top notch, so if you like that sort of highly polished AOR, pop rock doesnít get much better than this. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.3

Track Listing

  1. so this is eden
  2. straight to your heart
  3. time stood still
  4. the time alone with you
  5. dancing off the edge of the world
  6. rebel say a prayer
  7. savage blue
  8. pray for rain
  9. make love last
  10. life at the top


VOCALS: John Waite
GUITAR: Neal Schon
BASS: Ricky Phillips
DRUMS: Deen Castronovo
KEYBOARDS: Jonathan Cain


LABEL: Epic Records
PRODUCED BY: Ron Nevison
“Time's come and gone since I saw you last and these feelings I have never felt in the past and I know, I can't hold on forever...”