Magica cd cover



Thereís a lot of hype surrounding this cd. Itís being hailed as his best since Holy Diver. Iím going to tell you a secret about promotion though. Any time a band starts comparing their new work to their earlier success, itís a bad sign. I call it the ďremember why you liked meĒ approach. Now Iím not saying this is terrible, because itís not. But itís not Holy Diver either. Or The Last in Line or even Sacred Heart. Itís typical Dio with a thinly threaded story, loosely holding together a slightly clichťd fantasy concept album, but if you liked Dio, then youíll enjoy it. To be fair though, I do think Losing My Insanity is one of the best songs heís ever done. Easily his best in the last ten years, but I think to make a whole album that good, he needs to get Vivian Campbell back. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.0

Track Listing

  1. Discovery
  2. Magica Theme
  3. Lord of the Last Day
  4. Fever Dreams
  5. Turn to Stone
  6. Feed My Head
  7. Eriel
  8. Challis (marry the Devil's Daughter)
  9. As Long As It's Not About Love
  10. Losing My Insanity
  11. Otherworld
  12. Magica - Reprise
  13. Lord of the Last Day - Reprise
  14. Magica - The Story


VOCALS: Ronnie James Dio
GUITAR: Craig Goldy
BASS: Jimmy Bain
DRUMS: Simon Wright


LABEL: Spitfire Records
PRODUCED BY: Ronnie James Dio
“A fire in the field, smoking out the sun, minions throw their chains on everyone. Caught in by the crossfire, sky is turning red, adding up his souls as we count our dead...”