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The Blue Room

I'm not sure I'd call Union a metal band. Despite their highly publicized roots in Kiss and the Crue, Kulick and Corabi didn't really show their true colors until they stuck out on their own in Union. Even though the major successes of both of their previous bands occurred in the 80's, the sound of Union is rooted more in the 90's, which is just a reflection of the 70's, so they end up sounding more like a classic rock band with current production. Unfortunately, for most of the album Corabi is concentrating on the lower end of his range instead of the high end screeching that made him famous, but if you like that sort of thing, the songs are well crafted with sort of an Aerosmith vibe. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.1

Track Listing

  1. Do Your Own Thing
  2. Dead
  3. Everything's Alright
  4. Shine
  5. Who Do You Think You Are
  6. Dear Friend
  7. Do You Know My Name
  8. Hypnotized
  9. I Wanna Be
  10. No More


VOCALS: John Corabi
GUITAR: Bruce Kulick
John Corabi
BASS: Jamie Hunting
DRUMS: Brent Fitz


LABEL: Spitfire Records
PRODUCED BY: Bob Marlette
“Kneel down ye sinners, to streetwise religion, greed's been crowned the new king.”