Songs from the Ocean Floor cd cover

Winger, Kip

Songs from the Ocean Floor

It took me a long time to get over my initial disappointment in Kip's first solo album. I eventually got over it though (years later) and when I began listening to his new material without the expectation that it should sound like the band that bared his name, I found that many of the elements that I admired about his heavier work were still present albeit in a different context. He has clearly gone in a different direction. There is nothing metal about this album, but the songs are well written and the voice is still there. I won't say this as good as the Winger I remember, but it's as good as this kind of music gets, and I'll take it for now, just to hold me over until Winger returns. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.5

Track Listing

  1. Cross
  2. Crash the Wall
  3. Sure Was a Wildflower
  4. Two Lovers Stand
  5. Landslide
  6. Faster
  7. Song of Midnight
  8. Free
  9. Only One World
  10. Broken Open
  11. Resurrection
  12. Everything You Need


VOCALS: Kip Winger
GUITAR: Andy Timmons
Reb Beach
BASS: Kip Winger
DRUMS: Rod Morgenstein
GUESTS: John Roth
Ken Mary
Robby Rothschild
Mark Clark
Moon Zappa
Paula DeTuillio


LABEL: Frontiers Records
“Goodbye Blackberry Way. I can't see you, I don't need you. Goodbye Blackberry Way. Sure to want me back another day.”