Into The Light cd cover

Coverdale, David

Into The Light

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Track Listing

  1. Into The Light
  2. River Song
  3. She Give Me...
  4. Don't You Cry
  5. Love Is Blind
  6. Slave
  7. Cry For Love
  8. Living On Love
  9. Midnight Blue
  10. Too Many Tears
  11. Don't Lie To Me
  12. Wherever You May Go


VOCALS: David Coverdale
GUITAR: Doug Bossi
Earl Slick
BASS: Marco Mendoza
DRUMS: Denny Carmassi
KEYBOARDS: Derek Hilland
John X
GUESTS: Mike Finnigan
Tony Franklin
Jimmy Z


LABEL: Dragonshead
PRODUCED BY: David Coverdale
“Way back at the dawn of time, Adam and Eve did a terrible crime. He followed her down on lovers lane, now I'm payin' for his mistake. Aphrodite and Godiva too, gotta take the blame for what I'm going through. It's never gonna change; only getting worse. Women of the world-- Lord, it's gotta be a curse.”