Dr. Feelgood cd cover

Motley Crue

Dr. Feelgood

This album was the height of their popularity. It also marks their first recording without Tom Werman. They went instead with Bob Rock. This cd continued down the bluesy path that Girls Girls Girls had started, but the songs were much better and the production much heavier. This cd was a definite improvement over their last effort and they supported it with arguably the best tour of their career. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed this album and saw the tour three times, this was also the time when I began to admit they were no longer my favorite band as groups like Queensryche, Leatherwolf and TNT began to claim more of my attention. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.8

Track Listing

  1. t.n.t.
  2. dr. feelgood
  3. slice of your pie
  4. rattlesnake shake
  5. kickstart my heart
  6. without you
  7. same ol' situation
  8. sticky sweet
  9. she goes down
  10. don't go away mad
  11. time for change


VOCALS: Vince Neil
GUITAR: Mick Mars
BASS: Nikki Sixx
DRUMS: Tommy Lee


LABEL: Elektra Records
“The Gods made heavy metal and they saw that it was good. They said to play it louder than Hell, we promised that we would. When losers say it's over with, you know that it's a lie. The Gods made heavy metal and it's never gonna die.”