Some Girls Do cd cover

Aaron, Lee

Some Girls Do

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Track Listing

  1. Some Girls Do
  2. Crazy In Love
  3. Hands Off The Merchandise
  4. Wild At Heart
  5. Sex With Love
  6. (You Make Me) Wanna Be Bad
  7. Tuff Love
  8. Motor City Boy
  9. Love Crimes
  10. Can't Stand The Heat
  11. Dangerous
  12. Tell Me Somethin' Good
  13. Peace On Earth


VOCALS: Lee Aaron
GUITAR: John Albani
BASS: Rob Laidlaw
DRUMS: Randy Cooke
GUESTS: Phil Naro
Andy Curran
Brian Allen
Harold Hess
Lou Pomanti
John Derringer


LABEL: Attic Records
PRODUCED BY: Brian Allen
& John Albani

“Mothers sweep your little lies right before your children's eyes, fathers just ignore this new disease. TV raises children well. Intravenous show and tell, they're going down our steps on hands and knees...”