Sanctus Ignis cd cover


Sanctus Ignis

With mostly Yngwie style, and occasional touches of Dream Theater and Queensryche, and the outstanding vocal work of Pink Cream 69's David Readman, the debut album from the twentyfour year-old French guitarist Stephan Forte is sure to turn some heads. He plays with great precision and has surrounded himself with some stellar talent. The vocal melodies on some of the songs remind me of D.C. Cooper's debut cd, with a similar metal style with classical influences and the production is fantastic. So with good players and good production, it just comes down to songs, and if you like this sort of neo-classical metal, there is no reason you wouldn't love Adagio. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.1

Track Listing

  1. Second Sight
  2. The Inner Road
  3. In Nomine
  4. The Stringless Violin
  5. Seven Lands of Sin
  6. Order of Enlil
  7. Sanctus Ignis
  8. Panam et Circences
  9. Immigrant Song
  10. Niflheim


VOCALS: David Readman
GUITAR: Stephan Forte
BASS: Franck Hermany
DRUMS: Dirk Bruinenberg
KEYBOARDS: Richard Anderson


LABEL: Limb Music Productions
PRODUCED BY: Dennis Ward
“There was a friend of mine on murder And the judge's gavel fell Jury found him guilty Gave him sixteen years in hell He said "I ain't spending my life here I ain't living alone Ain't breaking no rocks on the chain gang I'm breakin' out and headin' home ”