Rude Awakening cd cover

Christian, James

Rude Awakening

A great reissue of a cd that never got the attention it deserved. Packaged as the "Special Fifth Anniversary Addition" Frontiers Records and Now and Then wisely gave fans of melodick rock another chance to pick up the former House of Lords' frontman James Christian's solo album. It was a pretty damn good album to begin with, but with six additional bonus tracks, this cd is more than worth adding to your collection. When James released this cd in 1994 he showed his talent as not only a singer, but also as a writer, guitarist, bassist, drummer and producer. If you missed it the first time around (or even if you didn't) you should get this reissue. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.3

Track Listing

  1. Don't Start Me Up
  2. Pleasure And Pain
  3. Brighter Day
  4. Where Does Love Go When It's Gone
  5. The Warden
  6. Katie
  7. Best Girl
  8. Labor Of Love
  9. Mother Night
  10. * Cold Day In Hell
  11. Love Should've Brought You Home
  12. * Candle In the Window
  13. Woman Enough
  14. * After All
  15. * Love Has No Mercy
  16. * Demons Down
  17. * Acoustic Medley (From The Gods '95)


VOCALS: James Christian
GUITAR: James Christian
BASS: James Christian
DRUMS: James Christian
KEYBOARDS: James Christian


LABEL: Frontiers Records
PRODUCED BY: James Christian
“And if you wonder why I always see so distant, well there's more than what you see and what I want you to know.”