This Dollar Saved My Life<br>At Whitehorse cd cover


This Dollar Saved My Life
At Whitehorse

Despite Edlund being the frontman for the goth-metal band Tiamat, I donít think this counts as metal, but I donít know what else to call it either. Techno-goth rock? Depeche Mode on steroids? It has a very atmospheric tone with subtle keyboards, some electronic rhythms and crunchy guitars with Edlundís odd, monotone broken english droning on over the top. Iím not giving it a ringing endorsement. All Iím trying to say is, I was surprised as anybody that I found it oddly appealing, but I did. Maybe you will too. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating7.2

Track Listing

  1. Baby Come On
    (Sheīs A Devil Of A Woman)
  2. Thousand Million Dollars
    In The Fire
  3. Mistress Of The Night
  4. Over & Out
  5. As Pure As S.I.N. (Zi Nanna)
  6. Automatic
  7. Perfect Crime
  8. You Can Have All My Love Tonite
  9. Sharp Dressed Man
  10. Annabel Lee
  11. The Pain Song


VOCALS: Johan Edlund
GUITAR: Dirk Draeger
BASS: Jan Kazda
DRUMS: Bertram Engel
KEYBOARDS: Marc Engemann
GUESTS: Sille Lemke


PRODUCED BY: Dirk Draeger
“I was always scared of you, but I could run a little faster. Did you think I'd get us through? I lost the flame, you lost the fire.”