Fuck You!!! and loving it!!!<br>A Retrospective cd cover

Wendy O. Williams

Fuck You!!! and loving it!!!
A Retrospective

Released a year after Wendy O. Williams committed suicide, "Fuck You!!!" features some of her finest work with The Plasmatics, plus good selections from her three solo albums. Rod outdid himself here. R.I.P. W.O.W. --Anonymous

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Track Listing

  1. Tight Black Pants
  2. Butcher Baby
  3. Sex Junkie (live)
  4. Pig is a Pig
  5. It's My Life
  6. Hoy Hey (Live to Rock)
  7. Goin' Wild
  8. You're a Zombie
  9. Propagators
  10. Know W'am Say'n


VOCALS: Wendy O. Williams
GUITAR: Wes Beech
Richie Stotts

Michael Ray
Katrina Astin

BASS: Jean Beauvoir

DRUMS: T.C. Tolliver
Stu Deutsch
Neil Smith

GUESTS: Stellar Axeman
La Donna Sullivan
James Gerth


LABEL: Plasmatics Media
PRODUCED BY: Rod Swenson
“When faith in saviours turns to doubt, and dreams just seem so far away, don't look back on your failures, don't you ever lose your hope. In a world of saviours you've got nothing but your own heart and soul to bear your crosses if you stumble on the way.”