L.A. Guns

Cocked & Re-Loaded

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Track Listing

  1. Letting Go
  2. Slap In the Face
  3. Rip and Tear
  4. Sleazy Come Easy Go
  5. Never Enough
  6. Malaria
  7. The Ballad of Jayne
  8. Magdalaine
  9. Give A Little
  10. I'm Addicted
  11. 17 Crash
  12. Showdown (Riot on Sunsrt)
  13. Wheels Of Fire
  14. Rip And Tear (Spahn Ranch Remix)


VOCALS: Phil Lewis
GUITAR: Tracii Guns
Mick Cripps
BASS: Kelly Nickels
DRUMS: Steve Riley
KEYBOARDS: Mick Cripps


LABEL: Dead Line Music
PRODUCED BY: Gilby Clarke
“When faith in saviours turns to doubt, and dreams just seem so far away, don't look back on your failures, don't you ever lose your hope. In a world of saviours you've got nothing but your own heart and soul to bear your crosses if you stumble on the way.”